Huesmann Advocaten: knowledgeable, practical, inquisitive

Knowledgeable and practical

The Huesmann approach is clear and determined. No unnecessary legal talk, just clear communication – without sacrificing nuance or meaning. We provide effective, tailored solutions for each legal issue.


Our attorneys are inquisitive. The Huesmann view is that an attorney can serve you well only if he is involved. It’s why we keep asking questions. By knowing what’s on your mind, we can actually resolve your issue fully.

Businesses & individuals

Our services focus on several types of clients. Huesmann assists both employers and employees. Both large corporations and small entrepreneurs. This keeps our practice agile and informed. 


At Huesmann Advocaten, the lines are short. You have direct contact with your attorney. Your case is handled exclusively by the attorney you choose, and by no one else. You have acces to your attorney at all times.


We are a multi-service office. Our focus is not limited to a single area of law. We specialize in various disciplines. Together, these specializations form a solid foundation for resolving complex cases.


We work on our assignments with passion.

Coen van Veen

Coen van Veen is a partner at Huesmann Advocaten. Coen was admitted to the bar in 2009 and has considerable experience both inside and outside the courtroom. He is a skilled advisor who thinks along with you. Coen is a true sparring partner who goes to the limit.

Coen in three words:
– Realistic
– Involved
– Practical

Axel van Reek

Axel van Reek has been an attorney since 2009 and is a partner at Huesmann Advocaten. With his experience and knowledge of procedural law, he is the professional you want to have at your side in court. But Axel is quite capable of resolving your legal issues out of court as required.

Axel in three words:
– Quick
– Capable
– Convincing

Aernout Snel

Aernout Snel is a partner at Huesmann Advocaten and has developed into a multifaceted attorney since 2012. Aernout is a straightforward dealmaker. He changes course only if his client’s interest requires it. He also has an excellent command of the law governing attachments and executions.

Aernout in three words:
– Persistent
– Pragmatic
– Resolute


Will be glad to explain clearly what we do.

Huesmann Advocaten is a multi-service office. This means that we have multiple specializations in-house. This way, you have a point of contact for nearly all your legal questions.

We specialize in:


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